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We offer Lasting Benefits, from Enhancing Personal Style and Self-Confidence to Providing Convenience and Sentimental Value with




🔆Are you tired of spending hours every day perfecting your makeup?

Say goodbye to the tedious routine with our permanent makeup services.

Permanent Cosmetic of Brows
Permanent Makeup of Brows
Cosmetic Tattooing of Brows

🔆 ​Imagine waking up every morning with flawless eyeliner, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and luscious lips that never smudge or fade.

🔆 No more struggling with uneven brows or plucking away hairs in frustration - we will create perfectly shaped eyebrows that frame your face beautifully.  

Permanent Eyeliner

Accentuate Your Eyes

Upper Eyeliner

Lower Eyeliner

or both

Cosmetic Tattooing of Lip Blushing

Enhance Your Lip Color & Shape 

Lip Blushing 

Nano-Strokes, Microblading & Shading

Redefining Eyebrows


Powder Brow Shading


Combo of Strokes + Shading

🔆 Not only does our permanent makeup save time on daily beauty routines, but it also provides peace of mind during special occasions such as weddings or vacations.

What makes Permanent Jewelry so special?

About LINX That Bond

LINX That Bond is a unique jewelry business specializing in permanent jewelry with the options of a weld or a clasp.  Located in Glen Burnie, MD, we offer both pop-up events that are highlight at local businesses and markets, while our studio appointments provide a personalized touch for those seeking individualized attention.  With a focus on quality craftsmanship and unique designs, we Ian to create jewelry that not only enhance our style but also becomes a cherished party of your story.

Studio Picture

In Studio Appointments

Schedule an appointment for yourself or up to 5 people and enjoy a unique and personalized experience.

Book Here
Permanent Jewelry Private Event

Home Party's

Create sustainable memories with your guests as they leave with an and beautiful piece of jewelry. 

Permanent Jewelry Popup @Alovelylittlecoffeehouse

Collaboration Popup

 Our popup service offers an opportunity to expand your reach and connect with new and existing customers through business collaborations.  

14K Gold Permanent Jewelry Bracelet
Family Permanent Jewelry
Permanent Jewelry Popup Centerville, MD

Jewelry can be sentimental, whether it's a cherished locket passed down from your grandmother or a sentimental friendship bracelet, often evokes meaningful narrative or story.  Permanent jewelry carries this significance even further, akin to a tattoo, as it becomes a part of you that remains steadfast.  Whether shared with loved ones or chosen as a personal adornment, imbuing it with intention and a profound layer of significance, ensuring it resonates deeply every time it catches your eye.

Permanent Jewelry Pop-Ups

  • What is Permanent Jewelry?
    Permanent Jewelry is jewelry. made-to-measure chain with a welding experience is availabe in over 25 link styles & multiple metal types. Mix & match on the same piece or keep it uniformed. We offer the option of adding birthstones, connectors, and or charms.
  • Can I HOST a PARTY?
    YES! Host your girls-night-in, add LINX THAT BOND Permanent Jewelry experience to your celebrations, party, showers and events! With 6 or more guest we will *travel to you. HOST GIFT Hostess receives a FREE permanent bracelet! Once 6 pieces of permanent jewelry are purchased (excludes rings) YOU get a FREE permanent bracelet of your choice (excluding 14K gold) What to expect at your event LINX That Bond will come about 30 minutes before event to set up. We bring a large selection of 14K Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold and 14K Gold chains and to further your personalization we have many charms! DEPOSIT A $50 deposit is required to reserve your time. The deposit goes toward your purchase once 6 permanent jewelry items (excluding rings) minimum is reached. Cancellations & Rescheduling Deposits cannot be refunded if your event is cancelled or rescheduled less than 48 hours before or item minimum is not reached. In Studio We offer in studio parties for up to 5 people and appointments for 1-2 people per 1 session.
  • How does it work?
    💫Choose your chain (14K Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold and 14K Gold) 💫Get custom sized your piece (bracelet, anklet, necklace, ring) and curate optional additions of birthstones, charms and connectors. 💫We connect both ends of the chain with a jump-ring and close the ring with a sustainable safe micro weld. There is no clasp (unless you want one) making it a permanent piece of jewelry that stays on. (unless you cut it off)
  • What if I need to remove it?
    You can simply cut the jump ring used to weld the chain together with a nail clipper or sharp scissors. Save it all in a safe place to be re-welded at one of our future events or by appointment.
  • Can I make an appointment?
    Absolutely! Appointments are welcomed at our location's in Glen Burnie or Pasadena, Maryland. You can schedule online at
  • Does it hurt?
    No pain is involved. All you will feel is the joy of having your new permanent piece of jewelry.
  • How much does a bracelet cost?
    Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Filled Bracelets starts at $65, 14K Gold start at $150. We also offer anklets, necklaces and rings for permanent jewelry.
  • What happens if my permanent jewelry falls off?
    This is extremely rare, and if it does fall off, we are more than happy to re-weld it for you at no cost. Chains will stay on with normal wear, however jewelry is jewelry and we cannot be responsible if it is broken or lost.
  • How can I get a bracelet, anklet, or necklace?
    We offer micro-welded, permanent chain bracelets, anklets, and necklaces by appointment at our Glen Burnie or Pasadena location or at your private event. Please click here to schedule an appointment or contact us to discuss your private event.
  • What is our guarantee & policy
    We guarantee the strength of the jump ring that is welded. Any chains are subject to possible breakage. If your welded chain link breaks we can add another connection for you at our location with your purchased chain. We are not liable for lost or damaged jewelry. All sales are final once chains are cut. No refunds.
  • What if I need a MRI?
    Great question! You have fee options: *You can get a clasp added to your custom sized jewelry. *The jewelry can be cut off at the jump ring and brought back in for a free re-weld. *Ask your technician if you can wrap around the peace of jewelry with athletic wrap, I've heard many people have no issues leaving their jewelry on since they are not magnetic.
  • What type of Jewelry do we offer?
    We carry the best Sterling Silver .925, 14K Gold Filled and 14K Gold. Our jewelry are from wholesale jewelry stores that are sustainable for lasting pieces. We do have few seasonal chains for fun that have colorful enamel, these chains are meant for temporary jewelry that can last to when you're ready to remove.
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